“Art is a guaranty of Sanity”


Simona Tortolano Wedding Videographer Italy

CIAO! I am Simona, photographer, videographer and storyteller. I call myself HIBRYB because i a don’t like to define myself in just one thing…..

My aim is to craft a visual record of your wedding day by capturing moments of beauty and poetry that can only exist because of your love story. I love emotions and I often find myself with eyes full of tears or smiling behind my camera. This is why I love my job and this is why this is the perfect job for me. I have a background in the fashion industry, painting and illustration, but my interest in the moving image in particular brought me to study and work with documentary cinema, and finally to wedding films, that have a special place in my heart and where I can bring all these elements – sense of style, love for details, and showing the true story of a couple’s celebration of their love and their union through film.

My style is authentic mixed with a pinch of dream and it’s about the little things and details, the emotions, music and sounds. My purpose is to know and listen to the real you and your story to be able to create a unique, bespoke film that you can watch over and over. My approach is discrete and unobtrusive, always respectful of people and places, something I took with me from my time spent making documentaries. I have lived many years in different places such as London and Paris, Mallorca, Milan and I am now happily settled in Florence with my family. I love traveling and I am happy to join you to your wedding destination!