A dream destination with your wedding photographer

In search of a wedding photographer in Florence? Simona Tortolano is here to film the perfect framing for your love! Simona Tortolano is a renowned wedding photographer in Italy expert in storytelling and cinematography. Thanks to interests and experiences in fashion industry, painting, illustration and documentary cinema, Simona holds a unique sense of style, mixed together with a true fascination for small details.

But technical expertise is not enough to the one of the best wedding photographer in Italy: by gently taking care of your emotions and adding a pinch of dream,  Simona creates only special, exclusive wedding videos in Florence and Italy.

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  • Churches: in the city centre there is plenty of famous, monumental churches. San Miniato al Monte, St. Mark’s English Church, Santissima Annunziata are just the very first examples of several, breath-taking holy places. Just be aware that waiting lists can be extremely long.
  • Museums and Monuments: to celebrate your eternal love, Palazzo Vecchio, Bardini Museum, Rose Garden and many other special location are waiting for you! A wedding in these places offers a truly special setting for our wedding videos.
  • Villas: customers who want to make their lifelong commitment in Florence often select villas for homey setting. The gardens of the venues offer an exclusive green backdrop which is the perfect frame of your wedding.

Tell us about yourself, about your wedding and your dreams! We look forward to hear from you!