Bali engagement styled shoot

The fundamental principle underlying Hinduism is that there is order in the cosmos, known as dharma. There is also a disordering force, adharma. Hindus seek balance and harmony between these two forces, thus freeing themselves from the never-ending cycle of reincarnation, attaining a state called moksa.

Balinese Hinduism divides the cosmos into three layers. The highest level is heaven, or suarga, the abode of the gods. Next is the world of man, buwha. Below this is hell or bhur, where the demons live and where people’s spirits are punished for misdeeds on earth. This tripartite division is mirrored in the human body (head, body and feet) and the shrines found outside Balinese buildings.

During my stay in Bali i had the opportunity to film some ceremony and i was very fascinated by them.

The encounter of two souls and the hinduist rituals merge in this little film like a dream, with the sea as an element in common  between the two.


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