Tips for a successful photo shoot in FLORENCE

Tips for a successful photo shoot in FLORENCE

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Are you planning a trip to Florence and would like a special photo shoot that will immortalize your stay in the city? You are leaving for your honeymoon and would like to have an indelible memory of your stay between historical monuments and characteristic alleys? You would like to propose to your partner and would like to do it, as a surprise, with an excuse of a photo shoot? If you are looking for this and much more, you are in the right place. I would be happy to listen to your requests and support you in the creation of a photo shoot, made to measure to reflect your way of being, your emotions, your moods and that satisfies your wishes. I create wedding videos and photo shoots for engagements, family portraits or gatherings, children’s portraits and special events, both with Italian and international clients: welcoming visitors from abroad and immortalising – with my films and my photo shoots- their stay in Italy, excites me every day.


From the very first contact, do not hesitate to explain what you have in mind, to tell me how you imagine this experience. Each photo shoot or video must tell a story of who you are, of your experience and your emotions, so your expectations are fundamental! If you have doubts or questions, please ask; I will be happy to support you and give you useful advice on choosing the right itinerary, the perfect location for the photographs, what to wear and what accessories of props to bring. I will help you turn this experience into a magical adventure, not something to fear. The relationship of trust that we build beforehand will allow you to feel more comfortable and at the same time allow me to understand your desires, and to propose suitable solutions.

The most beautiful images are those that immortalize subjects in relaxed and natural attitudes. If you are not used to being in front of the lens, it may be difficult for you to assume a posture which is not artificial and forced – this is also why we attach great importance to the initial phase of getting to know each other and planning.

How to pose for photos?

Florence is a splendid city, rich in history and traditions but also in color and life. To prove it, it is important to choose an itinerary that attracts us, intrigues us, allows us to to express amazement, joy, dynamism in an instinctive way. Immerse yourself in the place and experience, try to forget the presence of the camera, fully experience all the sensations, immerse yourself in the colors, smells, noises of the city. The ultimate goal is to achieve a unique and completely personal film or photo shoot, in which you can reflect and relive with your mind the most pleasant moments of your stay.

I will obviously give you some indications to follow but it will always be as advice or polite request; we want to grasp a moment, to capture a gesture, an expression, an episode, when we see it without reproducing similar ones in an artificial way. If, for example, after walking for a while and taking some photos, you are tired and you want to take a break, you can sit in a place to savor a cold drink or an ice cream,  and even this small gesture can turn into a wonderful shot. So don’t worry about posing, relax, have fun and be yourself. In short, the main rule to follow to become the protagonist of your memories and to not to look like a wax statue is: be at ease!

What to wear for a photo shoot in Florence?

As for the look, we follow the same guidelines as above: try to look relaxed, fresh and sparkling and not excessive or artificial. For example if, you are one young girl who likes to dress comfortably, it is not appropriate to wear formal clothes that do not reflect your personality. At the same time leggins and tops that you usually use in the gym would be excessive in this context; you could opt for a comfortable and light dress or a pair of soft linen trousers with a colourful sweater. In case you are a very sophisticated woman, who wears elegant clothes and high heels like second skin, it is right that you dress this way for the shoot too. There are no firm rules regarding colors and patterns. Keep in mind that pastel colors convey freshness whilst warm colors like red or orange create a contrast and express energy. Patterns are allowed but it is preferable to choose those with few colors and avoid extravagant clothing if it doesn’t reflect your personality.

As for make-up and hairstyle you could wear what you usually do, but if you wish to use a professional make up artist and/or hairstylist, I can provide you with a series of names and help you choose.

What is the best time for a photo shoot in Florence?

Florence is a beautiful city at any time of the day but is preferable to shoot early or late afternoon. The colors of the sky at sunrise or sunset and the quiet will allow us not only to take shots of excellent quality but also to discover a different angle to places which are otherwise crowded.

We will a time and place to meet, according to your desires.

Where to make a photo shoot in Florence? The city is full of opportunities, it a succession of alleys, squares, monuments, artistic wonders and romantic corners. Let’s find out together and identify the best path to follow, places to capture, possible situations to live and remember. There are also some very suggestive places that can only be visited by booking – often they are locations that are in demand for wedding photo shoots, but not only. If you want to give yourself some photographs in a place that cannot be visited in a normal tourist stay, we will have to plan the service well in advance to have the time and opportunity to reserve spaces.  Keep in mind that the itineraries require movement in an area of ​​about two Km to be made on foot, and you easily run into narrow lanes made of cobblestones it is therefore advisable to have comfortable shoes to wear between one set and the other in case you have chosen a look that is incompatible with this kind of footwear.

Practical advice

To make a good photo shoot, a certain amount of flexibility is essential. If you feel relaxed, calm and trust the professionals you have chosen, you will have no difficulty in dealing with any small contingencies.

During the day you may have to change locations, change the order of the stages, dedicate more time than expected, move the appointment or face bad weather. Don’t worry, I made many funny, exciting, romantic and professional quality shoots with transparent or colored umbrellas or with a leaden sky. I will be by your side and we will agree solutions and changes to get the desired final result.

A photo shoot in Florence is an indelible memory, invaluable because it will allow you to make your stay as eternal as the city that host you. Consider this opportunity and contact us to define methods, costs, times or simply for get more details on the many possibilities that we can put in front of you. Be yourself and make these moments truly unforgettable!

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